Tabi Machi Late Show (2016)


MAL page
4 × 7-min episodes
Studio: CoMix Wave Films

I feel like I’ve seen this art style seen somewhere before, but not sure where. Reminds me of children’s book illustrations.

And this series might as well be an illustrated book, because it really puts the ‘limited’ in ‘limited animation’.

As one Crunchyroll commenter said, 10/10 PowerPoint of the year →

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Bungou Stray Dogs (2016)

This has been in my drafts for months, and I just want to get it over with.

Characters named after famous Japanese authors, with superpowers based on their works, fight crime.

The criminals/antagonists are also named after famous authors and have superpowers based on their works.

That’s it. That’s the show.


MAL page
12 × 23-min episodes
Studio: Bones

But, like, they do it a very anime way →

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Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou – The Last Song (2016)


A.k.a. Anime Watchmen – The Second Cour.

Now that it’s ended without, in my opinion, screwing up, I’m more comfortable really loving this show.

The series creators have cited Watchmen as an inspiration, but since I haven’t read Watchmen, I don’t know anything about the works’ relations to each other beyond their similar premises.

The reason I appreciate it so much is because I highly doubt I’ll be able to watch any other anime like it.

Superhuman theme-work →

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Space Patrol Luluco (2016)

Such a brilliant arrest, it's hard to believe you're only thirteen yeats old.

MAL page
13 × 7-min episodes
Studio: Trigger

What better to interrupt this blog’s long streak of seigi than…justice?

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Gyakuten Saiban: DL-remix (2016) – Episode 12

aa144More screencaps this time because this episode had multiple anime-original events!

And one of them was the high point of this series so far, in my opinion…

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