Manga update #1

Under the cut:

  • Pluto (2003-2009) by Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki
  • Prophecy (2011-2013) by Tetsuya Tsutsui

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Young Black Jack (2015)

Young Black Jack anime key visual
12 × 24-min episodes

Before starting: Black Jack is/was the most popular Tezuka character, according to the Tezuka Museum? Why? Hmm, this is available? I liked Atom: The Beginning, no harm in checking out another prequel.

Episode 1: Eh, what is this show trying to be? Was that awkward opening scene meant to be fanservice? The OP theme is Ace Attorney anime-level corny. I don’t like medical dramas, so I doubt this will be my kind of thing. But that ending twist was interesting…

11 episodes later: …I will watch the 2004 anime and read the manga, eventually.

If there’s action doctor anime, where’s the action dentist anime?!

Atom: The Beginning (2017)

12 × 24-min episodes

[Disclaimer: This post has almost the same amount of digressions you’d expect on a recipe blog. Skip to the start of the actual description of the show here. Skip to the description of the story here.]

I’m still reeling from Pluto, so I had to jump straight into this.

I keep delaying actually watching/reading Tezuka stuff and instead choosing other people’s takes on Tezuka stuff. Which I think is fine, really. Have to be in the right mood to appreciate things.

I like a specific kind of story with a specific tone. I’m not surprised

So I’ve been trying to get into manga

I thought it was a good idea to read more manga, to supplement some other personal projects I’m doing. But mainly for entertainment, seriously.

I’m in the middle of Naoki Urasawa’s Pluto. It’s good stuff. Robots? Detectives? The meaning of humanity? Sign me up! And it’s a nice follow-up to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, which I finally read earlier this month.

I never read the original Astro Boy manga, but now I’m curious.

But I the further I go and the more I like it, the lower my expectations for the anime get, even though I know nothing about the details of the anime at this point.

I think it would make a better movie than a series. It seems like something better compressed than dragged out. And it deserves more polished animation.

But who knows, maybe I’ll like it anyway. No, I’ll probably like it anyway.