Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files (2013)

11 episodes (1 × 57min, 10 × 46 min)
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Vintage books tell stories beyond what’s in them; they tell stories of their own journeys as books. However, those stories are usually never known by anyone other than the book owners. The memories ensconced in these books…what occasions them to be revealed? – Shinokawa Shioriko, episode 8

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Run, Melos!: Two translations

I never got around to deleting this blog’s empty ‘books’ category, despite converting it to an anime blog and not intending to ever attempt book reviews again. Now I have a use for it again. That’s the power of laziness.

As mentioned in the previous post, I recently read a translated collection of Dazai Osamu’s short stories. But I didn’t stop there – I borrowed two other collections by a different translator, because the library I frequent had them and I thought I should take advantage of that.

Before starting the stories not included in the first collection I read, I decided to compare the translations of Run, Melos! (this time titled Melos, Run!). While Eight Scenes from Tokyo (Eight Views of Tokyo) was also done by both translators, I’ll save that comparison for the future, because Run, Melos! is shorter, and I have other things I should spend my time on (key word: ‘should’).

I would have typed notes for myself (no, I don’t have a life, and I’ve done this before with other books) regardless of whether I had a blog, but I do have a blog, so I here this is. This one’s for you, rare visitors referred to this blog by ‘unknown search terms’. But mainly as reference for my future self.

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Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 (2016) – Episodes 13-18, and a digression

[Link to season 1 post.]


Episode 13 didn’t pick up where 12 left off, and that’s a good thing.

I also squeezed my thoughts on a book at the end of this instead of its own post, because I already tried using this as a book review blog 2 years ago, and permanently gave up on that. So this is the longest post on here so far, by virtue of having a quote-heavy book commentary grafted onto it.

I appreciate Dazai now, both of them