A comedy dissection

I’m back, with a post about…

…my current personal theory of comedy.

It isn’t unique, and I’ve definitely read some of these principles in the past. But it’s been so long, and they’re so generic, I can’t remember exactly where I read them [ETA: I now recall the book Quirkology by Richard Wiseman had a section about the importance of expectations in humour], and I didn’t do any research specifically for this post.

Unrelated to anime, but it doesn’t fit my other blogs any better.

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12 Days of Anime schedule

I planned to post this first, then post all the entries consecutively. But I ruined my own plan yesterday by starting too early, so here’s my list of things to blather on about later in the year, with a huge gap between the first post and the rest.

ETA: Posting this early was also a bad idea, because I still keep changing my mind.

12 Days of Navel-gazing Lukewarm takes I mean, Anime:

  1. Why do I care?
  2. A club affair
  3. Online fandom
  4. The Canon?
  5. Anime music (a break from the boring stuff)
  6. Distribution
  7. Somewhere in time
  8. Conventions
  9. Sakuga desu ga? (industry)
  10. Source material
  11. Identity
  12. Pitch please (anime ideas)

12 Days of Anime – Why do I care? (A very early Day 1)

I’m just sprinkling these posts on my blog whenever I feel like it and claiming they’re a series. This one is a personal ramble only tangentially related to anime.

Fiction has had a lot of influence on who I am today. The one work I think left the biggest impact on me was Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, which I read in high school. This quote sums up the main theme of the book:

It may help to understand human affairs to be clear that most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused, not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally bad, but by people being fundamentally people.

Who would have thought I’d mention my religious views on this blog

Three movies

And an update on my plans for this blog.

I decided to temporarily stop watching current-season anime, so I can finish the older series I’ve started, and spend less time watching anime overall than I did last year, because I have more things I both want and need to do this year.

Looking back on last year’s posts, I seem to have gone for quantity over quality (if only because the quality was so low). I just posted my feelings about most of the shows I watched, without saying anything really unique. I don’t want to stop that, because I enjoy it, but now I’ll try to be more stringent about whether I really am itching to write about a show, and whether what I say would be useful to my future self, or any of the people who somehow think viewing a blog called “popcornbyproxy” is a good idea.

I also plan to do 12 Days of Anime posts this year, but not necessarily all in December, because I blog when I want. I already have some self-indulgent topic ideas.

Now, brief thoughts on some movies, without summaries.

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